Digital TV receiver Xoro DTV-M5

I got a new digital TV box (Xoro DTV-M5)  which is capable of receiving Saorview channels from the ever friendly guys over at and I have to say I’m very impressed with it.

It’s a receiver capable of  displaying HD at 1080p,  digital teletext (Mheg5), subtitles, pause &  record (you’ll need to use your own USB key), view pictures & play movies (AVI) from external storage devices.

The box construction is sturdy, not the prettiest thing you’ll ever see but is quite compact. The remote control is functional and standard compared to a lot of boxes like this. The front of the box has USB slot (for external storage devices), a LED channel display, a channel up/down and a power button.

Around the back, are the SCART & HDMI outputs which is great for old and new TV’s. (see picture for other inputs/outputs).

Setting it up was really easy – connect antenna, connect hdmi to TV and plug in. Starting the box for the first time requests you to scan for channels.  It found all the Saorview channels (Tv/Radio) in a few minutes. Just so you know – I don’t have an antenna mounted on the house so I used my trusty small whip antenna which worked just fine once it was outside the house. As you can see from the photos in the gallery the strength wasn’t that great but the quality was good and I didn’t have any glitches with the picture.

Only RTE2 is broadcast in HD at the moment and you can really noticed the difference between SD and HD.  The 7 day EPG works as you expect and it’s easy to navigate no problems here.

Plugging a USB key into the port on the front enables the PVR features, hitting pause works well and is handy if someone rings you in the middle of watching the Father Ted or something 😉 You can rewind, skip forward just like regular PVR.

The only problem I came across was with the USB key and recording. My USB key is quite old and was nearly full with about 400Mb free but it caused the box to freeze on one occasion. The remote couldn’t turn the box off so I had to unplug and restart it. I found a different key and couldn’t recreate the problem so it might have been the key.

The USB key happened to have a video file and it played just fine – the box supports a wide range of video formats: mpg, avi, vob, dat, asf, mkv, rm, wmv, tsf, and qt.

I didn’t try viewing pictures, nor did I try all the games.. only tetris but who really plays these kind of games on tv anymore? I also didn’t try the recording of programs listed in the future – when I do I’ll update the blog post. have a real gem here with the Xoro DTV-M5. It delivers exactly what it promises and it’s a bargain with the current promotion of this new Digitial TV receiver!

The only downside of the box is that it doesn’t have a satellite FTA receiver built in – but at that price it would be impossible to squeeze it in and I can’t really complain as this box packs in so much already.



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16 thoughts on “Digital TV receiver Xoro DTV-M5

  1. hmmmm good question. Let me put it this way – If the receiver was a car and it didn’t have NCAP approval then yes I would be concerned.

    I have used & tested quite a few receivers I don’t see what the difference is between approved ones and non-approved ones.

    If any reader does.. please leave a comment I’d be interested to find out.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the really informative review I’m really tempted to get one of these. Just wondering can you set it to record off the planner a la sky+? What about series link?

  3. Thanks for that Ronan. Just to address a question floating about above. Series link has not been enabled on Saorview as of yet. No info on when this is planned but what we do know is that you will need Mheg5 for this feature to work when it becomes available, hopefully soon. As for now, both with approved and non approved boxes, you can use the timer function in the menu to set once, daily, weekly etc.

  4. I have one of these and it is good. The picture quality is good and I’ve played back a range of video sizes & resolutions up to RTÉ2’s 1440×1280.

    The EPG is easy to use and the recordings list is readily editable so you can add 5 mins into the start & end times.

    I use 120GB & 160GB USB-powered drives without any problems. I found that my mains-powered 500GB & 2TB drives would not work in it. I understand that it cannot cope with anything above 320GB as the power is too much & it takes forever just trying to load any contents from them.

    The “analogue teletext” firmware upgrade changes the recorded video file format to one that cannot be played back on a PC [WMP, VLC tried] or converted to anything else [nothing seems to recognise the files as being proper video files]. The firmware upgrade does seem to make the system more stable but it was a shame to lose the flexibility of playing files on my PC as I had been able to do before the upgrade. If anyone has seen a solution to this I’d be very interested.

    1. Hi Margaret, I don’t think there is any concern. The box works 100% with current Digital broadcast frequencies and these will not change after the Analogue signal is turned off. If you have any doubts give a call. They are really good and have helped me quite a few times at this stage.

  5. Hi Ronan, what a great review for the digital box :-}
    I was looking for reviews and blogs about TvTrade more than that specific box. I was looking at the digital Sat recorders and comparing prices between UK (Amazon and such)and businesses here. Glad to see that there are some that are competitive and actually cheaper than the UK.


  6. I have recently got xoro saorview box and the dubbing is awful the sound is delayed what can I do its driving me mad !!

    1. Hi Marie,

      I haven’t seen this myself.
      My first thought is perhaps it has an old firmware that needs upgrading?
      If you got the box from get in contact with them. They are very helpful and I’m sure will get to the root of the problem.


  7. i have installed lots of the xoro bosex and find them better than the saorview approved boxes that are out there . there german made too so you know quality is good

  8. I ordered this box in preparation for the DSO and connected it up last week. It provides perfect reception on all Irish channels,PLUS Northern Freeview channels.

    It was delivered on time,competitively priced and child’s play to install , even for an ould codger like myself.

    Thanks again Dave and TVtrade

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