Tuning BBC One HD on Sky

From  November, viewers who have HD, either via Freesat, Freeview, Sky or Virgin, will be able to tune in to the new, dedicated BBC One HD channel, which will simulcast with BBC One. Like its standard definition counterpart, BBC One HD will broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It hasn’t made the regular Sky EPG so you’ll need to tune it in. It’s really easy – here’s how on a Sky HD box.

1/ With your digibox turned on, press the “Services” button

2/ Select ‘Options’  and then scroll over to  “Add Chnls”


Update: (July 2011)
Frequency: 10847
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol: 23000 (used to be 22000).

Press the Yellow ‘Find Channels’

Select BBC 1 HD and Press ‘Select’ when complete.

You’ll now find BBC 1 HD in the ‘Other Channels’ . Just in time for Match of the Day (which is just amazing in HD!).


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9 thoughts on “Tuning BBC One HD on Sky

  1. Hi Ronan

    BBC1 HD appears to have moved from the settings you suggested. Do you have the updated settings?



  2. Hi John,

    you are right.. they have.. here is the new settings
    Frequency: 10847
    Polarisation: Vertical
    Symbol: 23000 (used to be 22000).


  3. I am in the add channels section but the symbol rate choices i have are 22.0 or 27.5. 23.0 is not an option. I have scanned through all the FEC options and no channels are being picked up.


    BBC HD is showing the tennis in 3D for some unhelpful reason!

  4. Hi Barry,

    So after a bit of digging around here is the story regarding BBC one HD and Sky.

    The frequency has changed to the above settings BUT the Sky box doesn’t display the 23000 symbol rate 🙁

    I had BBC One HD channel added to my ‘Other Channels’ and I can confirm it still is working but it looks like with the recent change Sky boxes can no longer add the channel. If I come across a work around I’ll post an update.


  5. Thank Ronan. I Hadnt added it before the changeover and clearly that is the main problem. I am so annoyed right now!

    Was on the Sky and the guy I was talking to was very helpful but again he couldn’t do anything about the lack of the 23 option.

    Anyone know why Sky dont have it or why the Samsung box isnt up to date in this regard?

    Really dont understand why BBC HD is showing the Tennis in 3D either.


    Although just checking and it appears I have it on the red button.

    1. Hi Brian – BBC moved to the 23000 symbol rate a while back which unfortunately the Sky box doesn’t present as a valid rate to the end user (most FTA boxes do have this option). It does support the symbol rate however. For people who tuned BBC before the symbol rate the HD channel still shows up and works fine, but for people trying to tune it in now I’m afraid I can’t offer a solution. Apologies.


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