Spotify in Ireland Part 2

..  so I purchased spotify premium. Spotify Premium, like the free version, is awesome. So I’m thinking – “hey, let’s download Spotify to the  iPod touch and connect this to my 1930’s McMichael radio ” .. but alas not possible.  Is it because of connection problems I hear you ask? No the radio has a gramophone input I’ve re-wired for 3mm audio jack . Spotify, albeit listed in App Store, isn’t available in Ireland.. why oh why are you trying to thwart me!?

Anyone got a workaround to achieve the following.. but in Ireland?


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4 thoughts on “Spotify in Ireland Part 2

  1. How about creating a iTunes account to Store that has it? I did the same when I wanted to download the Kindle for iPhone. Followed these instructions:

    You can sync stuff from multiple iTunes accounts to your iPhone, even from different “country stores”

  2. You guys rock .. and now I’m rocking! Spotify on the touch is just excellent.

    I didn’t work for ages because iTunes was having issues with verification emails – I got a ping from @lukejr it worked perfectly..

    Thanks again!

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