omg sweet 16 part 2

So after a dinner conversation out in the EAC earlier in the week where we moaned about the state of nation and the youth of today I ‘accidentally’ caught sweet sixteen today on mtv. I gave it another go just to see if perhaps my previous rant was out of kilter. In a word – no.

A brittany wannabe got a porsche (Cayenne), threw a hissy fit at west coast customs when she ‘really needed’ pink diamonds on black paint, a logo of her name on the headrests, a cool stereo for 100K. Then omg the perfect dress arrived omg its too long. Omg. Disaster. Her party could be ruined.

For fub sake.

Then only one helicopter was ordered to bring her and her friends to party. There should have been 3. Cue another hissy fit of omg’s. But the whole day is ‘about me’ she states and makes her entrance via the only helicopter, her friends make their own way. Cue hysteria froml other ‘friends’ who are awaiting her entrance.

At this point I switched over to the Kerry game and cried. Not because the game is dire but because sweet 16 is far worse than I remembered! Doing a few sums in my head suggests that at least a million dollars were wasted – sorry spent – on stuff and one night. Today’s generation are obsessed with celebrities and living the celebrity lifestyle. I really hope that some of them can see past this madness, understand the value of one dollar/euro and get in touch with reality.

Call me old fashioned but hey that’s just me.


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2 thoughts on “omg sweet 16 part 2

  1. Have you noticed that the media are obsessed with sensational stories? Someone made a lot of money and she is being spoiled – but that is a timeless story and I don’t think it can be used to reflect society at large.

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