Off to Leweb & leaving Ireland behind for a few days.

Woohoo.. Ian and I are off to the Leweb tomorrow. Our journey starts tomorrow, first stop Dublin airport. Let’s hope the roads are okay – we are promised snow, ice and another big freeze tonight.

Tomorrow is the start of a few big days for Cauwill in Paris, but it’s an even bigger day for Ireland. My excitement for Leweb is toned down by one thing tomorrow. Tomorrow is Budget 2011 in Ireland and the four-year adjustment plan beginning in 2011  will be “somewhat frontloaded” – focussed more on spending cuts than tax increases. No matter which way you look at this it’s going to be the hardest/toughest budget on the people of Ireland. We are all going to pay for the wrong doings of few for a very long time. This makes me more than a little angry to be honest.

Anyway, when we get back from Leweb, Ireland will be awash of doom and gloom, the papers will be full of articles analyzing every detail of the budget.  Lets hope Cauwill can bring back a little good news.



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