3Dcamp Presentation

I’m giving a talk at 3dcamp entitled “The Consequences of Locating Stuff”

I see Location Based Services today represent only the beginning of a series of technological innovations that can potentially impact society in many ways at various scales, ranging from new modes of business operations to the possible invasion of personal privacy.

That’s the talk at a very high level – come along and sign up to attend 3dcamp in University of Limerick

When: Saturday 6th June 2009

Where: Engineering Research BuildingUniversity of Limerick

Start & Finish: 10am start, 5pm’ish finish


  • virtual worlds (Second Life, the Metaverse),
  • mirror worlds (Google Earth and Virtual Earth),
  • 3D modelling (Blender, Sketchup),
  • mapping mashups, GPS,
  • Location based Services (LBSs),
  • haptics and augmented toys (eg. Wiimote hacks),
  • ambient intelligence,
  • interactive art installations
  • …and all things 3D.

Limerick Events..

Might be a bit late – but the Digital Media Forum is meeting in Limerick Tonight .. 7pm Absolute Hotel

The Digital Island Meetups are networking events for companies in the Digital Media Sector and investors, service providers and customers. They are places where the online connections are turned into real faces and real business opportunities. Digital Island Meetups are free thanks to InterTradeIreland and our other sponsors. Come along, network and meet people

Advanced notice on a barcamp event. : 3Dcamp is back –  6th of June 2009. Pencil it into your Diary/Outlook/Google calendar

3Dcamp will focus on:

  • virtual worlds (Second Life, the Metaverse),
  • mirror worlds (Google Earth and Virtual Earth),
  • 3D modelling (Blender, Sketchup),
  • mapping mashups, GPS,
  • location based services (LBSs),
  • haptics, augmented toys (eg. Wiimote hacks, Nabaztag),
  • ambient intelligence,
  • interactive art installations
  • …and all things 3D.

more info will follow…

Got a Voice?

Just after reading what those crazy guys in Google are after coming up with. . Google Voice.

That’s not quite true, they didn’t develop the service –  they acquired it, tweaked it, improved it, branded it and then released it.

Only GrandCentral users can use it but it’s going to be released in the next few weeks to the general public. Some very handy & cool features but.. will there is one problem they have to get over. Getting you to hand out a new number to all your friends/family/business people etc. Changing your primary contact number is a big deal.

I see this fitting in very nicely with the google apps as a total solution for businesses.

Skype you have been warned.

the new reality?

Over at engadget an article quotes the co-CEO of RIM saying something astonishing..

Buggy smartphone software is the “new reality”

I know the iPhone had it’s problems.. and the latest RIM smartphone ‘Storm’ has had major issues but saying that buggy software is the new reality for smartphones is a step too far. Hasn’t RIM etc learnt anything from pc operating systems – no one can deny the backlash vista received – so why should we accept bad software on our phones??  In a business where we work and develop on smartphones this doesn’t sit well with me.


Not  many devices make me go “wow” these days .. but the Slingbox has blown my socks off!

So what is a Slingbox and what does it do? Well connect the slingbox to your aerial/cable/satellite receiver and you can watch (and control) your TV anywhere from your PC/laptop/phone.


The PC software (SlingPlayer) replicates your TV receivers remote control – I have a Sky+ box so Slingplayer shows me the remote control for my skybox and so when I punch in 141   I get to watch bbc1 and Match of Day on my laptop, I can even pause it when if the phones rings. You can be on wifi network anywhere in the world and be able to tune into you sky box – this really appeals to me as I head away quite a bit on the weekends so now I can catch all the soccer games over the weekend.


If I’m on the go and really bored with plenty of battery left on my phone I can stream tv to my phone! Symbian S60 phones are supported like my workhouse Nokia n82 phone ..the remote control feature isn’t as elegant as the PC version but the video quality isn’t half bad!


– you can pick a slingbox up for only  80 euro via expansys!

Irish Software Awards 2008

I was at the Irish Software Awards yesterday evening. I didn’t think I’d be attending for a couple of years but when Enterprise Ireland kindly invited, I couldn’t say no. I met quite a few CEO’s, developers, VC’s, startups, spinouts, Angels and other well connected people. It was a surreal experience – completely different to academic conference meet-ups. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The big winner was Changing Worlds – it’s been a great week for them!

Feeling really tired after a hectic 3 days – Thank God for weekends!

Microsoft BizSpark

Finally Microsoft has come up with something useful for cash strapped startups – BizSpark.

I attended the Digital Media Island meetup last Thursday were Microsoft launched it – it looks pretty cool.

Microsoft® BizSpark™ is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups by providing key resources when they need it the most:

  • Software. Receive fast and easy access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools, platform technologies, and production licenses of server products for immediate use in developing and bringing to market innovative and interoperable solutions. There is no upfront cost to enroll.
  • Support. Get connected to Network Partners around the world — incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters — that are equally involved and vested in software-fueled innovation and entrepreneurship who will provide a wide range of support resources.
  • Visibility. Achieve global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients and partners
    As a Microsoft BizSpark member, you’ll be tapping into a rich, vibrant ecosystem of peers, partners and support resources around the globe, helping you grow and succeed. Microsoft BizSpark is the quickest way to get your Startup fired up.
  • You just need to prove you are a startup ( Get EI, University etc.) and get a load of stuff for free (except you have to pay $100 on exit).

    Get the guide here for more info.

    Well done Microsoft. ( It’s not often I say that )