5-Hours (or so)

Over the summer I was thinking I should get in the car and go for a drive. I like driving and would not mind  driving for a couple of hours.. to be more precise 5 hours or so and visit the Giants Causeway.

Anyone been there before? Recommendations please..



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One thought on “5-Hours (or so)

  1. Excuse some incoherency as things come to my head.
    The Giants Causeway is fabulous, in fact the whole area around there is lovely. Obviously, there is the causeway itself; access it via the upper path, rather than walking directly as it brings you up the mountain side and then back around to it which is lovely and scenic; there is also the footbridge, the name I cannot recall. Heading towards Coleraine, a nice drive, is a remains of a bishops house which is interesting. Also in bushmills, the town near the cause way is the bushmills distillery. If you are staying up there for a while, there is a place on far side of coleraine where you can get ferry to donegal and head to most northern place in country. Oh and in bushmills is a lovely albeit slighlty expensive restaurant agains whose name I can’t recall. Oh check petrol prices before you go, it was much more expensive on other side of border. You could also drive up through Mullingar and visit hill of tara. As you can possibly tell I really liked it. Though it was weird to see so many flags flying in towns and curbs painted to match.

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